Installation Guide

No need for an engineering degree

Get your Elve filter up and running within seconds
and without using any tools!

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How to change capsules

Step 1

Remove your elve filter from
your shower hose and tap.

Step 2

Unscrew the inflow and
outflow covers.

Step 3

Remove the existing capsule,
replace it, and screw on the
covers again.

Optional: How to use the adapter

In case there is not enough space between your
shower faucet and the wall or the bathtub you
can use the elve adapter.

The elve adapter is included in every elve
shower filter set - just in case.

One fits all

elve is compatible with almost all
shower faucets with a 1/2" thread -

which is the standard worldwide.

Here you can see some examples.

installed at our customers homes.

more soon..

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