Why elve shower filter?


Experience the elve feeling

Reduce Hair Loss

KDF 55 & activated carbon
removes up to 98% of chlorine &
other harmful pollutants for
strong & healthy hair.

Improve Skin Health

Purified water improves dry &
sensitive skin and helps reduce
impurities such as acne and skin irritations

Protect your Children

elve helps keep your children &
family safe from harmful
pollutants such as lead, chlorine
and microplastics.

My hair is so much softer since i use Elve. I dont even have to use hair conditioner anymore! AMAZING

Mary Ann - Makati City

This really helps. My skin feels noticeable softer after every shower, highly recommended

Cathrine - Manila

I had problems with my hairfall but it stopped now. I guess the water quality does really matter

Bae - Cebu

Easy and fast to install

An Elve shower filter is installed in 3
easy steps and in less than 2 minutes
- no tools needed.