About Us

Our story

As expats in the middle east and in the Philippines, we realized that the shower water does not feel the same as at home in Austria, where in most parts our home country people are able to shower with spring water. We were wondering why after showering our hair felt dry and why the condition of our skin got worse after some time abroad.

After some research we discovered that it probably had something to do with chlorine and other substances in the water. We figured that we would need some kind of filter that gets rid of the clorine.

As we tried to find the ideal shower filter for us, we soon realized that there was no product on the market, which would 100% fullfil our needs. We wanted a high quality product with a metal chase, a high effectivity and a good price-performance ratio. So we decided to bring our own shower filter on the market and use it ourselves. Elve was born and our hair and skin soon felt and looked good again.

Our goal

With elve we want to provide a simply and high quality solution for everybody who wants to shower with pure and clean water.

As we discovered ourselfes chlorinated water can be the root cause for many beauty problems. We want you to experience healthy hair and skin with no need to buy expensive beauty products which most of the time just cover up and do not solve the underlying cause.

Our Promise

With elve you will receive a high quality product that is built to last many years. If you exchange your elve capsules every 3-4 month you will experience a high and stable filtering effect.

If you need help, if you have questions or if for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, our customer service will help and find a solution for you.

Still having questions?

Refer to our FAQs page for more information