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What is inside an elve filter?

An elve capsule contains 3 different filter materials and a stainless mesh, which filters sand and other sediments.

-KDF55 helps remove chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, copper, mercury and nickel

-Calcium Sulfite instantly removes chlorine form both hot and cold shower water

-Granular Activated Carbon  naturally filters residual chlorine and removes any unpleasant odor, taste or color.

What are the elve filters made of?

The filter case is made of aluminium and the capsule is made of ABS recyclable plastic

Where are elve filters produced?

The ingredients of our elve filters are produced in the USA. The capsule and the case are produced and assembled in China. 

Will my water pressure be reduced?

The elve shower filter has a flow rate of 8 liters per minute and you therefore should not notice a major difference.

If you notice a significant reduction in water flow consider changing the filter capsule as over time sediments from your shower water can start clogging the filter.

In what water temperature range can I use an elve filter?

The working temperature of elve filters is between 5 and 50 degrees Celsius.


Will I need a plumber to install the elve filter?

No - there will be no need. An elve filter is easy to install without any tools in under 2 minutes. For details visit our installation guide under installation Installation Guide

How do I change elve capsules?

It is this easy to change an elve capsule:

1. Remove your elve filter from your shower hose and tap.

2. Unscrew the inflow and outflow covers.

3. Remove the existing capsule, replace it, and screw on the covers again. 

4. Reconnect your elve filter to the shower (see installation guide) and let the water run for 1 minute.

More details under: installation installation guide

Will the elve filter fit my shower?

elve filter have a standard exit and entry valve with a ½” thread and fit any normal shower. In case you have under 35mm space between wall and shower hose you can use the included adapter - so your elve shower filter will also fit in these cases.

In the unlikely case the elve filter does not fit your shower you can return it easily.

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